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What advantages to choose the processing batch parts?

Jan. 28, 2021

   What is the batch parts processing?

  In industrial production,Many products can not achieve mass die sinking production due to various reasons:such as process demand, small market demand,the fast updated speed, or the hight price. In these situation, engineer often chosse the low volume production of machanical processing. (10-1000 pieces)

What advantages to choose the processing batch parts?cid=96

  What advantages to choose the processing batche parts?

  Firstly,Batch parts processing meet the need of the customer product,update fast ,hight precision, and can achieve the mass production quality and appearance effect.

  Secondly, the number of new developed product trial production determines the processing technology.Die sinking need hight cost and long processing time,So from the perspective of comprehensive cost , choosing batch parts processing is a better choice.

  Finally,the batch parts processing applies to many industries.

  For example:Product develpment trial, medical , aviation and other industries special equipment research and develpment, non-standard parts.

  These industry processing parts need to product flexible, fast delivery time,reasonable comprehensive cost ,hight precision requirements, surface treatment requirements .

  So this requires batch parts Manufacturers that can all meet these requirements.

  With the rise of the personalized customization of product,a large number of batch parts manufacturers have emerged in the society.

  Thereinto, Zhuanxin Precision Manufacturer is one of the best.

What advantages to choose the processing batch parts?cid=96

  Zhuanxin Precision Manufacturer has 13 years of batch processing experience,Specializing in 10-1000 batch parts processing,set processing + surface treadtment +assembly in one.

  We has 16 CNC machinery 24 hours processing.

  In addition, we can do Oxidation,sandblasting,electroplating,Painting,powder coated,Silk-screen,Laser engrave, Polishing and other 21 kninds of surface treatment.

  And batch processing, a certaiin number , we can reduce the cost of samples for you, free assembly, help you better and faster development of the market.

  If you want to know more,welcome to consult us.



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