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Aircraft Parts Processing, UAV Parts Processing Services

CNC machining technology has become one of the key technologies for aircraft manufacturing. The advancement of CNC machining technology has transformed the design concept of aircrafts, and the design of parts has become more integrated and complicated. ZhuanXin Precision good at custom all kind of processing and surface treatment for Aircraft parts prototype, providing one-stop service for customers, saving time and costs, If you have an aircraft part or UAV part project. You can send a 3D/CAD file directly to us for a free quote.

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Why choose CNC machining process to make Aircraft Parts and UAV Parts Services?

1. low volume production, diversification. Aircraft R&D is usually produced in small batches, and CNC custom processing can meet these needs without opening the mold.
2. The structure tends to be more complicated and integrated. When CNC machining, 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis CNC milling machines can be selected according to the complexity of the customized aircraft parts to meet the requirements.
3. The materials used in the processing of aerospace components are mainly aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, carbon fibers, and stainless steel. Therefore, in the manufacture of aerospace components, numerical control processing technology has been widely applied.

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Other processes for aircraft aerospace parts (heat treatment, surface treatment)

As the aerospace component processing materials are mainly metal materials, the materials themselves will have a certain internal stress. After the mechanical processing, the components will increase the internal stress of the material. Breaking the internal stress will cause the components to crack and cause product quality problems. Therefore, it is necessary to heat treat the semi-finished or finished parts of the parts to change the mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties, and eliminate the internal stress.
In addition, aviation components must have good high temperature and low temperature performance, good resistance to aging and corrosion, as well as strong fracture toughness and fatigue resistance to ensure its reliability and safety. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out high-quality strengthening and surface treatment of semi-finished parts of components. For example: anodizing, shot peening and other processing.

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In addition to CNC machining of aircraft aerospace components, what are the machining processes? The aluminum alloy parts and aluminum alloy prototype produced by ZhuanXin Precision can be manufactured using a variety of different processing technologies, such as: CNC milling, CNC lathe machining, EDM, laser cutting, CNC bending, punching, drilling, and tapping. Teeth, braces and so on. Regardless of your personality design, we will be happy to provide you with customized services. Contact us now.

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