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Custom Copper and Brass Parts
Custom copper parts and raid prototype service

Copper has excellent properties such as excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, ductility, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. It is widely used in electric power, electronics, energy and petrochemical, machinery and metallurgy, transportation, light industry and other fields. Copper is also your best choice if you have high requirements on the physical properties of the parts or the rapid prototype.
Check out the "Copper Bronze Numbers and Standards Checklist" and you can also contact us directly. free quote:

Copper Brass Copper Brass
How do you choose materials for your custom copper parts and copper prototype?

The classification of copper and copper alloys is generally divided into four categories according to their color:
1. red copper: that is, pure copper, also known as copper, density of 8.96, melting point of 1083 °C, commonly used grades: T1, T2, T3, TU1, TU2, often used in electrical switches, electronic parts, etc., with good conductivity And thermal conductivity, excellent plasticity.
2. Brass: Copper and zinc based alloys, commonly used grades: H59, H62, H65, H68, HPb59-1, have good cold workability, high strength and corrosion resistance to seawater, are often used in ships Corrosion-resistant parts are also commonly used as watch parts, valves, and pipe fittings.
3. bronze: refers to copper and nickel, copper and zinc alloys other than copper alloys, common brands: B19, B25, BF has 0-1-1, BZ civilian police -20, BA13-3, anti-friction performance and mechanical properties, suitable for In the manufacture of bearings, worm gear, gears, bushings and other high-loading harsh parts.
4. White copper: copper alloy with nickel as the main additive element; good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, beautiful color, and good thermoelectric properties. Widely used in the manufacture of precision instruments, medical instruments, chemical machinery and ship parts, clock parts and so on.
For more information about copper related parameters, please check the "chemical composition of copper and copper alloys"

Which industries used the copper machined parts and the copper/brass prototype apply to?

Copper machined parts and copper prototype are generally suitable for: bathroom hardware, gears, bearings and turbine blades, power generation equipment, rail transportation motors, control systems, electrical systems and signal systems, aerospace, electronic communications, home appliances, automotive and other industries.

What are the machining processes for copper?

ZhuanXin Precision can customize a variety of difficult, high-precision, whether it is a sample or low volume production processing, we can use a variety of different processing techniques, such as: CNC milling processing, CNC lathe processing, wire cutting , EDM, laser cutting, CNC bending, stamping, drilling, tapping, braces, etc.

Copper Brass Copper Brass
What are the surface treatments of copper machined parts and copper prototype?

The use of copper materials as a product will undoubtedly improve the grade of your products. The copper machined parts and the copper prototype have very good conductivity, so it is the best plating effect among all hardware materials, no matter what kind of customization you have. We will all provide customized services for you. Contact us today to get a free quote:

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