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Custom Plastic Parts
Customized plastic prototype and plastic parts service

In industrial design, you often use engineering plastics to make prototype and custom plastic parts to verify your creativity. Due to the special nature of plastic materials, we can customize a variety of surface treatments according to your needs: such as painting, transparency, dyeing, screen printing, laser engraving, etc., so that your design can ensure the physical properties, but also in the appearance of attracting customers. free quote:

What plastic materials are commonly used in plastic prototype?

Plastic prototype and custom machined parts, commonly used plastic materials are: ABS, ABS + GF, ABS + PC, PC, PA, PA + GF, PMMA, PVC, POM, PP, PE, UPE, PS, PTFE, FR -4 All plastic materials available on the market such as ABS, PETG, PET, PBT, PBT+GF, PEEK, PEEK+GF, PPSU, PEI/Ultem2300, carbon fiber, epoxy board, synthetic stone, Bakelite, etc., as long as they are commercially available All plastic materials ZhuanXin Precision can be processed.

How to choose the right plastic material for your prototype and custom parts?

Classification from temperature resistance:

Classification from temperature resistance
What are the processing techniques of plastic materials?

The plastic rapid prototype and plastic parts produced by ZhuanXin Precision can use a variety of different processing technologies, such as: CNC milling, CNC lathe processing, vacuum complex mold, simple injection mold, etc. We will process according to your materials, quantity, and surface treatment. To suggest the most economical and reasonable processing technology.

Plastic rapid prototype and Plastic Machined Parts Surface Treatment

We can customize the surface treatment for you, such as: painting, screen printing, baking paint, power coating, electroplating, laser engraving, transparent polishing, fumigation transparent, dyeing, etc. If you need make low volume production customization, we can also provide according to your needs. Customized packaging services save you time and cost.

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