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Custom prototype and low volume production parts plating surface treatment service

Electroplating surface treatment is one of the commonly used surface treatments for rapid prototype and precision parts, because it can prevent metal oxidation (such as rust), improve wear resistance, electrical conductivity, light reflectivity, corrosion resistance (copper sulfate, etc.) and enhance aesthetics. Popular with many designers. The surface plating products material are aluminum, stainless steel, steel, copper, zinc alloy, ABS, etc. For the order or quotation of electroplating products, please contact us:

Electroplating Electroplating
What electroplating services can ZhuanXin Precision provide for prototype and low volume production ?

The basic process of electroplating is to immerse the part in a solution of metal salt as a cathode, and the metal plate as an anode, through the current, deposit the desired coating on the part, and the suitable plating effect will make your product more fashionable and extremely Bring a better market.

At present, ZhuanXin Precision can provide electro-galvanized (color zinc, white zinc, blue and white zinc) for rapid prototype and low volume production. After passivation, dyeing or coating of the photoresist, the zinc coating can significantly improve its protection and Decorative.

Electroplating Electroplating
ZhuanXin Precision can do the following plating treatments:

Electroplated zinc (color zinc, white zinc, blue and white zinc), zinc coating after passivation treatment, dyeing or coating of light protection agent, can significantly improve its protective and decorative.

Electroplating Electroplating

Electroplated copper (brass, pre-plated copper, copper sulphate), copper-plated layer is pink, soft, with good ductility, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, easy to polish, with appropriate chemical treatment to obtain bronze, copper green Decorative colors such as black and natural colors.

Electroplating Electroplating

Electroplated nickel (fog nickel, pearl nickel, bright nickel, black nickel) to improve corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Electroplating Electroplating

Electroplated chrome (decorative chrome and hard chrome), chrome layer with high hardness, good wear resistance, strong reflective ability and good heat resistance

Electroplating Electroplating

Electroplated gold (true gold, imitation gold), improve the conductive contact resistance and improve signal transmission. Gold is the most stable and expensive; electroplating silver, improving conductive contact resistance and improving signal transmission. Silver has the best performance, is easy to oxidize, and is conductive after oxidation.

Electroplating is a common surface treatment method. ZhuanXin Precision pays great attention to the clean and environmental protection of the electroplating industry and meets the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency to achieve our sustainable development strategy. If your product is just right, contact us now, we have professional engineers one-on-one online to serve you.

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