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Sheet Metal Fabrication

ZhuanXin Precision Sheet Metals department has sheet metal processing machines such as laser cutting machines, CNC bending machines, large hydraulic presses, and riveting machines. The company specializes in laser cutting, CNC bending, stamping, flared ,rivet and welding. All kinds of precision sheet metal stamping parts, metal stamping parts, chassis shell, automotive parts, electronic and electrical parts, etc., can be processed materials: cold-rolled steel, galvanized sheet, stainless steel, tin plate, aluminum alloy, copper and so on

Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting machine is Japan Mitsubishi brand, power is 2000KW, can cut 6mm thick metal material, cutting speed is 1600m/min; can cut the thinnest 0.1mm metal material, cutting speed is 6000mm/min. The cutting quality is very nice, the incision width is generally 0.1--0.5mm, the precision is generally 0.05-0.1mm; therefore, the laser cutting efficiency is high-precision and good features are very suitable for all types of sheet metal prototype and low volume production of sheet metal processing, saving the traditional Mold cost and processing time.

Laser Cutting
CNC Bending Processing
CNC Bending Processing

CNC bending processing is the use of CNC bending machine and the corresponding simple mold, combined with CNC technology, the 2D flat pieces, folded into 3D parts, the thickest material for bending is T6.0mm.
CNC bending has a standard angle die cutter, which can be applied to a variety of angles of bending processing, without the traditional stamping mold, can be processed into products, greatly improving the sheet metal stamping parts proofing time and small batch processing time. Contact Us

Stamping Processing:

In sheet metal stamping, stamping is mostly used for punching, stamping, forming, shallow drawing, shaping and pressure assembly of metal parts. Our hydraulic presses have a tonnage of 200T, which is mainly used in the laser cutting, CNC bending and other sheet metal processing machinery as some convex parts of the bent parts, stretching and other complex shapes. Compared with the traditional stamping, the hydraulic press can be formed simply by a simple mold, which reduces the cost of the mold and the processing time.

Stamping Processing
Welding Processing
Welding Processing:

In the sheet metal processing, if it is not possible to integrally form or integrally form a high cost, the welding process may be used, and depending on the size of the part, the thickness of the material, the size of the weld seam, etc., the welding material and welding method with different thickness and specifications may be selected. Then grinding, grinding weld marks, you can also do some dusting, painting and other surface treatment.

Advantages of sheet metal processing:

>> Compared with traditional stamping, it is not necessary to make a molds, stamping molds, etc. One cutting + bending can be directly processed into products, with fewer processes and short construction period.
>> The workpiece deformation is less.
>> Can be customized surface treatment, such as: power coating, painting, anodizing,planting, electrophoresis and so on.

Featured resources (secondary finishing services for high-precision sheet metal)

ZhuanXin Precision also provides more sophisticated auxiliary machining. For some sheet metal products with high tolerance requirements, we will perform secondary finishing with CNC milling process and other processing equipment as shown below picture: Hole diameter tolerance is +/-0.02mm, the normal sheet metal process can not reach this tolerance of precision, we leave the aperture in the laser cutting margin, after the molding machine through the milling machine reaming, a variety of process technology combined, determined to meet The customer's need for accuracy.

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