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Brushing service for metal prototype and low volume production service.

Brushing is a surface treatment method that uses a flat-pressing abrasive belt and a non-woven roller brush to form a line on the surface of the parts to provide a decorative effect. The surface brushing process can reflect the texture of metal materials and is increasingly popular in modern life. It is widely used in mobile phones, computers, monitors, furniture, electrical appliances and other housings. If you want your product to have a metallic feel, you can choose to brush it, contact us now!

Brushing Brushing
Which materials can be used brushing process?

In metal prototype and low volume production, metal materials can be used brushing, such as: aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, copper alloy, stainless steel, etc. We can customize the wire drawing according to different materials and different grain thickness requirements.

Brushing Brushing

ZhuanXin Precision not only provides brushing for various effects, but also provides other surface treatments such as anodizing, power coating, painting, electroplating, passivation, polishing, wire drawing, sand blasting, silk screen printing, laser engraving, electrophoresis, CD Pattern, etching, highlighting, etching, etc., an excellent product, in addition to the perfect surface treatment effect, also requires a professional technical team, perfect machinery and equipment, reasonable processing technology, our processing technology: CNC milling processing, CNC lathe machining, wire cutting, electric sparkEDM, laser cutting, CNC bending, stamping, drilling, tapping, etc., and provide free assembly, customized packaging and other services, contact us immediately to start your new project. .

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