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Metal Polishing
Metal polishing, plastic prototype Vapor Polishing, dyeing

In order to make the product beautiful, translucent and protect the surface, polishing,Vapor Polishing and other surface treatments are very good choices. For hardware polishing, mirror polishing, electropolishing is a common process, plastic products can generally This is achieved using a Vapor Polishing transparent, polished transparent and dyeing process. Sino machining is very experienced in polishing this surface treatment, new project inquiry or other suggestions to contact us.

Metal Polishing Metal Polishing

Metal polishing is divided into manual polishing, mechanical polishing, electrolytic polishing, general metal polishing. We use 3M Baili pad and alumina sandpaper to polish the surface to create a surface brightening effect. The metal materials that can be polished are: aluminum alloy, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper alloy, zinc alloy, etc. Electropolishing can be used to replace heavy mechanical polishing, especially for more complex parts and parts that are difficult to machine by hand polishing and mechanical methods. Electropolishing is often used for steel, aluminum, copper and other parts.

Metal Polishing Metal Polishing
Metal Polishing Metal Polishing

Polishing of plastic products means hand-polished transparent,Vapor Polishing and transparent to achieve the desired effect. The plastic materials that can be polished are: PC\\\\PMMA. Dyeing is also colored, after the product is polished and transparent, dye the color you want.

Metal Polishing Metal Polishing

Whether you have metal or plastic parts in your project, whether it is painting, dyeing, polishing, dusting, wire drawing, silk screen, laser engraving, oxidation, electroplating, etc., we can custom it for you, our The surface treatment engineer are experienced and will also prevent dimensional tolerances from surface treatment before surface treatment is completed. Contact us now for a free quote.

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