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CNC Milling Service

From rapid prototyping through to low volume manufacturing ,Even if the quantity 1PCS~10000PCS, ZhuanXin Precision produce bespoke, high-spec, precision CNC Machined parts from plastic or metal: Aluminium, Stainless Steel, POM, ABS, PP etc.
ZhuanXin Precision is proud to be a direct manufacturing facility with a full range of equipment from CNC 3-axis, CNC 4-axis, and CNC 5-axis. Our latest 5-axis machines are available with tolerances up to +/-0.005MM and roughness up to RA0.4.
Some examples include engine parts, aerospace parts, medical instruments, complex machine parts, accessories, etc.

Our CNC workshop

CNC 5-axis workshop

  • 5-axis machining workshop

    5-axis machining workshop

    Why us ?

    We have set up the most accurate CNC 5-axis machine shop for the purpose of provides a vast variety of possibilities as to the all kind of sizes and shapes we can effectively process in 2-3 days, NO MOQ even if the quantity is 1PCS to 10,000 PCS.CNC 5-axis machining offers the highest precision and quality available.

     Zhuanxin Precision CNC machining services are good ideal for prototypes and CNC low volume manufacturing 

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  • What is the CNC 5-axis machines  accuracy?

    What is the CNC 5-axis machines accuracy?

    What is the CNC 5-axis machines  accuracy?

    5-axis machines with their own on-machine inspection system and ensure product quality.Dimensional tolerance accuracy up to : 0.005mm,  Angular tolerance: 0.01 °

    The 5 axis features are: You can process 5 sides of a part in single setup, because the cutting tool moves across the X, Y and Z linear axes, as well as rotates on the B and C axes. This allows the cutting tool to approach the part from any direction.

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  • Benefits of 5-Axis

    Benefits of 5-Axis

    Benefits of 5-Axis

    Complex shapes machined in a single setup&Minimal setups means maximized productivity - you get your order as quickly as possible&Virtually no need for complex fixtures or workholding.

    5 axes CNC machining suitable for all industries:

    For example: aerospace, defence, medical, Oil & Gas,Robotics,Medical Technology,Research & Development,And more.

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CNC low volume manufacturing work shop

  • CNC low volume manufacturing work shop

    CNC low volume manufacturing work shop

    Benefits of CNC low volume production

    When the quantity of products is between 20 PCS to 10,000 PCS, you need to find the most professional and economical way to achieve it.

    So we have set up a CNC low volume production work shop for CNC machining part Quantity 20PCS to 10000PCS

    We have set up a separate CNC low volume production workshop to provide all CNC small batch projects with the most suitable and professional engineers to program and the most suitable machines for machining CNC small small quantity, in our past experience and tests, this low volume production workshop has improved the delivery time and efficiency by 30%, have a CNC low volume production project ready for machining? 

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  • CNC low volume manufacturing work shop

    CNC low volume manufacturing work shop

    Why us ?

    Reason 1: ISO9001:2015 Quality control, IQC(Incoming Material Quality Control),First Article Inspection (FAI),IPQC is always on the production line for inspection and spot checks,OQC (Outgoing Quality Control): Before shipping,we will check all parts again and record .

    Reason 2:  Fast quotation within 2H.

    Reason 3: One Stop Service , from raw materials to CNC machining and production to surface treatment and assembly, save you time and cost .

    Reason 4: Product Solution Offerings  .

    Solutions for R&D customers to verify appearance, structure, assembly and machining .

    Reason 5: Ensure authenticity of materials,all raw matrial QC 100% X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) test.

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  • CNC low volume manufacturing work shop

    CNC low volume manufacturing work shop

    Low Volume Manufacturing material available:

    We can provide 425 type material for this process such as :

    Metal :Stainless steel,Aluminum,Mild steel,Brass,Copper,lloy steel,Tool steel,Titanium,Inconel,Invar.

    Plasic:POM (Delrin/Acetal),Nylon,ABS,PEEK,PTFE (Teflon),Polycarbonate,Polyethylene,PVC,PMMA (Acrylic),PET,Polypropylene.

    Finish:As machined (RA0.8~Ra1.6),Smooth machining (Ra 1.6μm~RA3.2),Polishing (RA0.1~Ra 0.8μm /),Brushed,Powder coated,Bead blasted,Black oxide,Electroless Nickel Plating,Bead blasted + Anodized type I II III,Chromate Conversion Coating ....

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CNC prototype workshop
CNC prototype workshop

Do you have an urgent product to attend the exhibition? How to get your samples quickly?

For samples with quantities between 1 and 20 pieces, we set up a CNC prototype workshop to help clients get the samples quickly. We mainly produce urgent projects in this workshop, the average lead time is 5 days. 

There is no MOQ requirement, you only need to send the drawings to us, and you can receive satisfactory samples within 5 days. Contact our quotation team to get a free quote within 1 hour.

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CNC prototype workshop

We process rapid prototype production orders for customers in a wide range of industries: aerospace, automotive, defence, electronics, hardware start-ups, industrial automation, machinery, manufacturing, medical devices, oil and gas and robotics.

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Assembly workshop
Assembly workshop

Whether it is a rapid prototype or a CNC low volume production project, Dongguan Zhuanxin Precision Hardware Co.,LTD can help our customers with assembly free of charge.

We have set up a professional assembly line with assembly masters who have 16 years of experience in the industry.

We do this in order to save our customers time and costs.

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Assembly workshop

If you have a project that has just been designed and would like to carry out rapid prototype or CNC low volume production machining to validate the assembly, our team can provide you with expert assembly advice or the most suitable machining tolerances for the assembly prior to production, saving you time and more costs.

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Our Capabilities
Main Material

Stainless Steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, carbon steel, cold rolled steel, titantium, Delrin, nylon and PTFE, etc(custom as you requirement)

Main production Equipment

2 sets of precision 5-axis machines

17 Advance Milling Machine for rapid prototype

15 Advance Milling Machine for CNC low volume manufacturing

8 CNC Lathes machine,

2 Grinding Machine,4 EDM machine,1 laser cuting machine,2 pending machine

3 Tapping Machine,

Main Process

CNC turning, CNC milling, complex CNC turning and milling, 5-Axis machining, Gear machining, Sand Blaster process,and other processing technologies and 25 kind of finished such as :Anodised ,Powder coated,Electroless Plating,Black oxide etc.

Main Industry

Design industry .Robotics industry, Prototype, Medical device, aerospace parts, Auto parts, Electronics Industry etc.

The best tolerance


Largest turning size


Largest size milling


Main QC test Equipment

CMM, Microscrope, XRF Analyzer,Hardness tester,Height gauge,Digital Slide,Tool detection,Pin Gauge.Thread Ring Gauge. etc

Types of CNC Machines

CNC programmer writes the tool program and sends the tool program to the CNC milling machine. These tool programs program the motion axes of the computer and thus complete a series of CNC machining operations. Our Facilities: Zhuanxin Precision have 16 CNC machine we can meet your production require,and we can custom SIZE 2000MM*1100MM ,We can make all kind of metal and plastic and custom all kind of prototype ,custom machined parts ,low volume production ate., Start your project

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Quality Assured

CMM Reports

First Article Inspection Report

Material Certificates

Tolerances:+/-0.005MM or Better as Request

NDA available

EAR Production Systems

On Time Delivery 98%

1 Week Lead Time For Complex Projects

What finished are available for CNC milling part ?
Commitment to customers

Fastest quote 30 mins ~ 24H

20 off 7 days delivery, 500off 20 days delivery, super urgent 1 day delivery

Any quality problems caused by our , all promise to return or redo for free

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In Zhuanxin Precision, our technical sales staff will response to your custom CNC machining parts within 30 minutes with 1-to-1
online service. you will get the professional advice and save you R&D time .
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