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How To Integrate Industrial Robots With CNC Machine Tools?

Aug. 07, 2019

Here is Prototype Turning Service Manufacturer talking about how to integrate industrial robots with cnc machine tools.

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CNC Machined Parts Service

CNC Machined Parts Service

With the transformation and upgrading of China's equipment manufacturing industry, in the dual role of market demand and technological progress, the integration application of industrial robots and CNC machine tools has developed rapidly in recent years, and the form of application has been continuously expanded, bringing new impetus to the current intelligent machine tool trend. The transformation and upgrading of China's machine tool industry will also play a beneficial role in promoting. In view of the development of robotics and the development of integrated applications with machine tools, how should relevant enterprises establish effective organizational liaison mechanisms to strengthen communication and cooperation, and the two industries should integrate the development of technical specifications and standards to fully share resources and The advantages complement each other and form the synergy of industrial development! The robot industry is welcoming the golden opportunity of development, how to promote the integration of industrial robot industry and machine tool industry, how to integrate industrial robots and CNC Machining  tools has become the current An important topic in the upgrading of modern equipment manufacturing industry. In the field of CNC machine tool processing applications, the integration of local machine tool loading and unloading robots and CNC machine tools has been at the forefront of development. From the perspective of industry application, there have also been major changes:

(1) Working island: single-pair single-competition plus single-to-many online processing.

(2) Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS): Based on the network control of the flexible machine plus line, the PLC control platform is used to connect multiple robots, multiple CNC machine tools and their auxiliary equipment through the industrial Ethernet bus. The beat is performed in an orderly automatic production.

(3) Digital workshop: With CADCAMCAPPSMES auxiliary production tools, logistics technology and sensing technology, it has the functions of production process monitoring, online fault real-time feedback, processing technology data management, tool information management, equipment maintenance data management, product information recording, etc. Unmanned processing requirements, to achieve production planning, operational coordination and optimization of the processing system.

(4) Smart Factory: With the intelligent workshop layout and ERP information management system, it will maximize the innovation of traditional production methods. The database of the information management system can interface with various external information systems through the gateway, connect the workshop to the ERP system, query the production status of the workshop, and realize the efficient configuration of enterprise resources; with its SMS platform and mail platform, the administrator can conduct the information to the administrator. Real-time reporting of equipment failures, production schedules, etc,.