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Cnc Machining Center: Improper Operation

Feb. 28, 2019

Here is CNC Machining Manufacturer talking about the improper operation during in CNC process. 

Improper operation leads to the occurrence of a collision in the CNC Machining Parts Service, which is one of the important reasons for the machining center collision. The collision caused by such human error is roughly divided into the following categories.

1. Tool measurement error. 

An error occurred in the measurement of the tool caused a mismatch with the machining to cause a collision.

2. Tool selection error. 

In the process of artificially selecting a tool, it is easy to consider the machining process, and the selected tool is too long or too short so that the knife is generated.

3. The selection of the blank is wrong. 

When the processing of the blank is selected, the actual processing situation is not considered, and the blank is too large or the knife is not formed due to the non-conformity with the programmed blank.

4.The clamping mistakes. 

Improper clamping during processing can also cause a knife to occur.

 Customized Aluminum Alloy Machining Parts

The impact knife caused by the above-mentioned artificial situation can be avoided from the following aspects.

1. Choose a reliable tool for measuring instruments and measuring methods.

2. Select the tool after fully considering the machining process and the condition of the blank.

3. Select the blank according to the program setting before processing, and check the data such as the size and hardness of the blank.

4. The clamping process is combined with the actual processing to avoid operational errors.

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