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Factors affecting the cost of CNC machining

Mar. 01, 2021

What components does the price of machining consist of?

What affect the cost of machining ?

How to choose a cost-effective CNC manufacturer?


The basis of CNC machining quotation is the cost of raw material, processing , surface treatment, freight, taxes and so on.

Different materials,precision requirements, quantities, lead time, will be different prices.

 Factors affecting the cost of CNC machining

These cost deviations are visible and acceptable to both parties, however , there may be one factor affecting the price that only the manufacturer knows but the customer doesn't:

In mechanical processing, the price will be different if the product processing technology is different.


For example:Although 5-axis can process complex multi-faceted products easily, not every product is suitable for 5-axis machine processing .

If there’s a part that 3 axis can process , but quoted in 5 axis processing, the price gap is very large.

So, in the choice of the right machinery processing plant, it's important to see whether the manufacturer can apply a variety of processing technology flexibly ,

not only limited to one process,or it is likely to cause unnecessary costs.

 Factors affecting the cost of CNC machining

In Zhuanxin Precision factory , engineers will work out the appropriate processing process for each product , like CNC processing, lathe processing, EDM, wire cutting, grinding and so on .


In addition to this , we also supply one-stop custom processing service, including design evaluation, CNC machining, surface treatment, free assemblage, and etc., helping you save time and worry!