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What Is Hot Stamping?

Feb. 22, 2019

Here is Aluminium CNC Machining manufacturer talking about Hot Stamping. 

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Hot stamping is usually achieved by heating the steel sheet to austenite at roughly 900 ° C, then cooling the components by immediately injecting water in the Stamping Die. By means of this heating cycle and heating procedure, the strength of this steel sheet could be significantly enhanced. The tensile strength is increased from roughly 500 MPA from the shipping condition to approximately 1500 MPa after hot flashes.

(1) Direct hot stamping forming technology

Following the hot-formed steel sheet is cut, then it's directly heated into the austenitizing temperature with no pre-forming, then immediately formed into a mold. When the stamping contour reaches a predetermined price, the component is instantly hardened and invisibly. This practice is largely used for workpieces using a very simple form and very low amount of deformation. Due to the minimal price of the guide forming process, it's also the most frequently utilized.

(2) Indirect hot stamping forming technology

The thermoformed steel sheet is first formed into a conventional cold forming mold to 90% to 95% of the final shape, and then the preformed part is subjected to austenitizing, hot stamping, and quench hardening. For some parts with complex shapes or large drawing depths, indirect hot stamping can avoid forming cracks. Pre-forming of parts can reduce the relative displacement between the material and the mold, thus reducing the wear of the mold surface at high temperatures. Parts that are hot formed steel with galvanized coatings typically must use an indirect hot stamping process.

At present, the development direction of the hot stamping process is how to improve the production efficiency of hot stamping and shorten the forming cycle. The use of high-conductivity mold steels can accelerate the cooling process, or a more efficient cooling system can increase the cooling rate of parts and thus increase production efficiency.

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Customized Aluminum Alloy Machining Parts

Customized Aluminum Alloy Machining Parts