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What can we do if magnesium alloy blackened after CNC processing?

Apr. 15, 2021

Have you ever encountered the blackening of magnesium alloy material after precision machining?

This time let's talk about a little bit about magnesium alloys and some of their properties. 


As the lightest metal structural material, magnesium alloy has many advantages, such as high specific strength and 

stiffness, good shock absorption, easy cutting and good shielding property of electromagnetic interference.

It is reported that the demand for magnesium alloy in the West is increasing at an annual rate of 5%. Magnesium 

alloy is the third metal that human beings have begun to use on a large scale after steel and aluminum.


At present, magnesium alloys are mainly used in automobiles, aircraft, 3C (computers, cameras, digital equipment, etc.) 

products.Increasingly, it has been applied to mobile phones, cars and aircraft encloses, greatly reducing the weight of 

the car itself,it’s a major change in the automotive industry.


As for the automobile industry, with the proposed requirements of energy saving and environmental protection of the 

society, light metal materials and environmental protection materials are more and more popular in the society.Therefore, 

magnesium alloy is also becoming more and more popular in the research and development industry, becoming one of the

 common materials for precision machining.

image.png image.png

But, they also have disadvantages.

Why do they turn black after processing?

Because they are too easy to oxidize and have a low ignition point, careless control of the processing process is likely to 

cause fire, which requires the manufacturer to have experienced magnesium alloy processing experience for effectively 

avoiding product oxidation or processing scrap.

ZhuanXin Precision has 15 years of precision machining experience and has processed countless magnesium alloy parts. In order to avoid product oxidation, we have our own solutions and countermeasures. If you are interested, you can consult online.


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