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What is the precision of the CNC milling process?

Jun. 04, 2020

  Someone said: "Machining manufacturers are easy to find, and precision machining manufacturers are hard to find."

Do you feel the same?

In the processing industry, there are many machining manufacturers, but it is not so easy to find a suitable precision machining manufacturer.

 It requires quality, delivery, service, and coordination in all aspects.

What are the characteristics of precision machining manufacturers?

What is the precision of the CNC milling process?

A good precision machining manufacturer not only has a fast delivery time, but also the precision of the product. Most of the precision of machining is about 0.1mm, and the precision to be achieved by precision machining is 0.005-0.01mm. Zhuanxin Precision Hardware Co.,LTD is good at processing complex and precise parts, which can help customers achieve their assembly or precision requirements for product assembly positions or other positions with high precision requirements.

Because we have the most advanced CNC processing equipment, turning, milling and other equipment cooperate with each other. For example, the precision of CNC and lathe is 0.01-0.02mm, and the hole diameter is particularly high, and you can use a boring tool or a reamer on the milling machine Hinge to achieve the accuracy of 0.01mm, when the accuracy of the square or circular shape is high, you can use centerless grinding and other grinding processes to achieve the accuracy of 0.005-0.01mm.

What is the precision of the CNC milling process?cid=96

  There are many machining manufacturers on the market, and it may take some time to find a good precision machining plant. If the product you develop has certain requirements for accuracy, you want to find a company that is not only of good quality, but also cooperate Good collaboration vendors, contact us now! Zhuanxin Precision Hardware Co.,LTD is a precision machine processing manufacturer with strength and good service!


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