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Problems and Solutions Encountered in the Bending Process in Sheet Metal Fabrication

Jul. 01, 2019

Sheet Metal Fabrication is only a series of processes such as bending, riveting, and welding of metal materials. The problems and solutions encountered in the bending process in sheet metal fabrication are described below.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Problem 1: The bent edge is not straight and the size is unstable.

【The reason】

1. The design process does not arrange the pressing line or pre-bending.

2. The material pressing force is insufficient.

3. The convex and concave mold rounded wear asymmetry or uneven bending force.

4. The height is too small.


1. Designing a pressing line or pre-bending process.

2. Increase the pressing force.

3. The gap between the convex and concave molds is uniform and the fillet is polished.

4. The height dimension can not be less than the minimum limit size.

Problem 2: External surface scratches after bending of the workpiece.

【The reason】

1. The surface of the raw material is not smooth.

2. The bending radius of the punch is too small.

3. The bending gap is too small.


1. Improve the smoothness of the convex and concave molds.

2. Increase the bending radius of the punch.

3. Adjust the bending gap.

Question 3: There are cracks in the bend angle.

【The reason】

1. The inner radius of the bend is too small.

2. The grain direction of the material is parallel to the bending line.

3. The burr of the blank is outward.

4. Poor metal plasticity.


1. Increase the bending radius of the punch.

2. Change the blanking layout.

3. The burr is changed in the fillet of the workpiece.

4. Annealing or using soft materials.

Problem 4: Bending causes hole deformation.

【The reason】

When the elastic bending is used and the hole is positioned, the outer side of the curved arm is pulled due to the friction of the surface of the concave mold and the outer surface of the workpiece, so that the positioning hole is deformed.


1. Using shape bending.

2. Increase the pressure of the top plate.

3. Add a plaque pattern on the top plate to increase the friction to prevent the part from slipping during bending.

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