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Pressure Die Casting And Sheet Metal Stamping

May. 09, 2019

For some low-volume products with aluminum alloys, zinc alloys, and magnesium alloys that are slightly more complex in structure, our team of project engineers will consider the accuracy, surface, cost, etc. to determine the die casting mold process. When the hole and assembly positions are strictly required Need to carry out secondary machining, but also according to the customer to power casting, electroplating, silk screen, laser carving, and other surface treatment, while saving costs, but also to ensure that the quality meets your requirement.

Pressure Die Casting And Sheet Metal Stamping

For Sheet Metal Stamping Products, we will determine whether to open the stamping mold according to its accuracy, shape, quantity, for the simple parts, large tolerance we generally use laser cutting and CNC bending, for high precision, large quantity, complex structure, We will use stamping mold to choose low volume production processes based on various conditions, which is a characteristic of ZhuanXin Precision.