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What Are The Types Of Stainless Steel Parts Prototype Forming Processes?

Jul. 09, 2019

The Stainless Steel Parts Prototype forming process refers to the process of cutting, folding, bending, welding of stainless steel by the performance of stainless steel to finally obtain the stainless steel products required for industrial production. For stainless steel processed products, many people may have used it, but it is not clear what the molding process may be. Next, stainless steel processing manufacturers who can do Stainless Steel Parts Prototype Service will tell you three different stainless steel processing and molding processes.

Stainless Steel Parts Prototype Service

Stainless Steel Parts Prototype Service

1. Bending molding process

In the processing of stainless steel products, bending forming is a forming method of bending sheets, bars, tubes or profiles into shaped and angular parts. Generally, 430 stainless steel thick steel plates are easy to crack when bent, and 304 stainless steel plates do not have this phenomenon.

2. Deep drawing process

Drawing is a stamping process in which a flat blank obtained by punching or cutting is made into an open hollow member by using a special mold. It is characterized in that the sheet material can be flowed into the concave mold under the driving of the punch, that is, it is formed by the fluidity and elongation of the material.

3. Expansion forming process

The expansion forming process is a method for processing a stamped stainless steel product by using a mold to force the thickness of the blank to be thinned and the surface area to be increased to obtain the geometrical shape of the part. The feature is that the blank is crushed by the bead ring and cannot flow into the die, completely relying on the extension of the material itself.