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What kind of products are suitable for CNC machining?

Jul. 14, 2020

  What kind of products are more suitable for CNC machining? What is the accuracy of CNC machining? 

As Dongguan Zhuanxin Precision Hardware Co.,LTD, who has been in the CNC machining industry for 15 years, briefly introduce it, I hope you can help more engineers and friends.

What kind of products are suitable for CNC machining?cid=96

  The process of CNC machining is roughly divided into the following two ways:

① Milling method of strong feed: processing on the machine tool, set the processing depth according to the machine tool and control the precision of the workpiece. It is characterized by precise shape and high efficiency.

②Pressure feeding method: Abrasive tools such as grinding wheels are selectively processed on the protruding part of the workpiece surface, thereby improving accuracy. When processing relatively simple shapes such as planes, balls, and cylinders, if you pay attention to the shape and accuracy of the grinding tool, you can make the machining accuracy better than the machining accuracy of the machine tool.

The disadvantage is lack of shape-imparting property and long processing time.

What kind of products are suitable for CNC machining?cid=96

  Mechanical processing can process all kinds of regular and irregular products, such as round, square, arc, etc., as long as the tool can go wherever it can be processed. The precision of mechanical processing is determined according to different customer needs and selected according to different precision Different ways to achieve, the general general standards of machining are as follows

What kind of products are suitable for CNC machining?cid=96

If you want to know about machining, if you don’t know what kind of process your product needs, please contact us immediately, a professional machining factory!


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