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The Three Essential Elements Of CNC Machining Manufacturers

Oct. 08, 2019

As a designated supplier of well-known companies such as Shanghai ABB and Qingdao Hisense, ZhuanXin Precision has 14 years of processing experience in CNC machining and the company has processed countless products. As a sales engineer who has worked for 4 years in this company, we know the needs of the customers, According to our experience, we have three essential elements for CNC Machining Manufacturers.

CNC Machining

CNC Machining

1. Fast: it includes quick quotes, quick response, and fast shipping. CNC processed products are some sophisticated components, including auto parts, robot parts, medical equipment, etc., which is generally need to be exhibited or gone on the market. If the time is delayed, it will cause great losses to customers. Zhuanxin Precision Hardware Co.,LTD has been quickly controlled to every link, quick quote within 1 hour, 30 minutes response, 3 days fast delivery!

2. Quality: including processing quality and testing quality. In processing, not only must we guarantee product quality and accuracy, but the shipment qualification rate is more important. Therefore, CNC machining manufacturers must not only have sophisticated and advanced processing equipment, but also have sophisticated and complete testing equipment. The special precision is processed by imported CNC machine, the processing precision is up to 0.01mm, and that is equipped with three coordinates, spectrometer, altimeter, micrometer, full set of needle gauges, etc., which is to ensure the shipment pass rate!

3. Service: it means the degree of cooperation of CNC machining manufacturers. Zhuanxin Precision Hardware Co.,LTD often encounters some products when it is half processed. The customer has a better design and needs to change the drawings or dimensions. At this time, Zhuanxin Precision Hardware Co.,LTD will actively cooperate with the customer to meet all the needs of the customer, a manufacturer with high cooperation is always popular!

The above is the three essential elements of the CNC processing factory that we have summarized based on our many years of experience. It is purely personal opinion. If you need non-standard hardware parts for CNC Machining, you can directly contact the online quotation project: 86 769-81553687

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