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Precision machining-How to extend the service life of products making your design is different?

Mar. 29, 2021

Precision machining, How to extend the service life of products making your design is different?

  Want to make your products different at the exhibition, attract more attention and increase sales ? 

  Want to make your products more durable, wear resistant, corrosion resistant ?
  Want to make the product life longer, more cost-effective ?
  So, when processing, looking for Zhuanxin precision Manufacturer is enough !


  Dongguan Zhuanxin Precision Hardware Co.LTD not only has rich experience in precision machinery processing, but also has 16 years of experience in surface treatment. Because most customers are research and development institutions, products will have corresponding surface treatment, such as oxidation, electroplating, sandblasting, electrophoresis, polishing, silk printing, radium carving, passivation, blackening, spraying and so on. 

Surface treatment of products not only wears protective clothing for them, but also makes them different from other products, which can improve the performance of products and show the design level of designers.

Precision machining-how to extend the service life of products, so that your design is different ?cid=96

  Many manufacturers may only provide precise mechanical processing, but may not be good at surface treatment, because it is relatively troublesome and risky, which also worries some customers. 

  A product needs to find several manufacturers to complete.This way is relatively more costly.

  Since the establishment of Zhuanxin precision Manufacturer, in order to make customers save time and heart, provide a series of services from processing to surface treatment and even assembly, help customers save a lot of time cost and communication cost. If you also have demand, can be online consulting at any time !




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