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Aluminum Alloy Model Processing Technology

Feb. 01, 2019

Here is Aluminum Alloy Rapid Prototype Service Manufacturer talking about CNC news. 

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In order to cater to this hobby of such enthusiasts, a heavy motorcycle designer in the United States designed a super-large motorcycle, but due to the size, the motorcycle cylinder is also quite large. Nearly 900mm in dimension and accountable construction, the designer firm's office in Shenzhen to find the hand-to-hand collaboration has increased the difficulty, many Shouban mill looked at the massive size and complex structure of this aluminum alloy hand plate, however following several actions In the turns and twists, the head of the office found that the Gray model. After several research talks and field visits, it was eventually determined that there was no problem. The head of the office chose to deliver the high-speed motorcycle cylinder aluminum alloy hand into the Grey model.

And many more. Aluminum metal aluminum, stainless steel, zinc metal, magnesium alloy, and the like. After the workpiece is clamped after, the electronic control system may control the machine tool to automatically choose and replace the application based on distinct processes, mechanically change the spindle speed of this machine tool, the feed quantity and the movement track of the tool relative to the workpiece and other auxiliary functions, and optionally total many faces of the workpiece. In the multi-process processing, the entire machining procedure is automatically controlled by the application, and isn't affected by the operator's individual factors.

CNC machining Procedure for motorcycle cylinder aluminum Metal hand model:

1. The CNC computer changes the raw material of the item in line with the programming course set by the CNC Machining gear according to this program and gets the initial model of this aluminum metal hand version.

2. Manual processing at the prototype of the aluminum metal hand version, the appearance of the sample will have any burrs and extra elements of the corners, so the team should be coated with adhesive, which makes the look of the aluminum metal hand version smooth and refined.

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