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Do You Know Casting Processes?

Jan. 29, 2019

Here is Cnc Rapid Prototyping Supplier talking about Casting processes. 

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One of the aluminum wheels, throw ones signify greater than 80 percent in Europe, 85 percent in the USA for passenger automobiles and light trucks, and 93 percent in Japan. Their Most Important Advantages, in comparison with steel or other aluminum brakes, are:

1. A high styling versatility

Weight (equal or less than steel without styling)

Dimensional accuracy (mass distribution)

Recycling ability

Static and dynamic behavior

2. The major casting processes for wheels are:

Low-pressure die casting (mainly)

Gravity permanent mould casting (less used)

Squeeze-casting process (marginally used)

Rarely used are the following processes:

3. Counter pressure die casting

Casting-forging (Cobapress)


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