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Cnc Machining Center Classification And Difference

Mar. 14, 2019

According to the classification of the guide rails: according to the form of the guide rails of the vertical machining center, the hard rails, and the rails can be divided. Hard rails are suitable for heavy cutting and line motion is more sensitive. According to the speed classification: the vertical machining center spindle speed 6000-15000rpm is the low-speed type, and 18000rpm is the high-speed type.

According to the structure classification: According to the bed structure of the vertical machining center, it can be divided into C type and gantry type.


1. Vertical CNC Machining center

The vertical machining center refers to the Aluminium Machining center where the main shaft is in a vertical state. The structure is mostly a fixed column, and the work table is rectangular, without indexing back.

Turn function, suitable for processing discs, sleeves, plate parts, it generally has three linear motion axes and can be installed along the water on the workbench.

A rotary table with a flat axis for Aluminium CNC Machining spiral parts.

The vertical machining center is easy to install, easy to operate, easy to observe and process, easy to debug, and widely used. But by the height of the column and change

The limitation of the knife device can not process parts that are too high. When machining the cavity or the concave profile, the chips are not easy to discharge. In severe cases, the tool will be damaged, the processed surface will be damaged, and the processing will be effected smoothly.

2. Horizontal machining center

Horizontal machining center refers to the machining center with the spindle in the horizontal state. Usually, it has a rotary table with automatic indexing. It usually has 3 to 5 operations.

Dynamic coordinates, commonly used are three linear motion coordinates plus a rotary motion coordinate. After the workpiece is loaded, the workpiece is finished with the other four surfaces except for the mounting surface and the top surface. It is most suitable for adding box type parts.