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Oil Spill In Cnc Machining Center

Jan. 04, 2019

As a CNC Machining Manufacturer know that petroleum leakage will happen during CNC processing. In fact, it is simple to observe the position of the oil leakage at the machining center. Mainly because it is caused by oil or accessories leakage from CNC lathe cylinders. When it is an attachment, maintenance is quite straightforward. If it is a cylinder then it's extremely troublesome and may get the machine to be scrapped. Let's take a look at the factors for the oil spill in the CNC machining center.

1. Oil change does not fulfill the requirements.

It also often causes oil leakage in the CNC machining center. The problems that occur in oil change are mainly manifested in three aspects. 

To begin with, for components with high-viscosity eucalyptus oil, changing the low-viscosity lubricating oil when changing oil will influence the sealing operation of the corresponding box and rotating hole, which will considerably reduce the sealing performance of the parts. 

Second, when the oil is changed, the fuel tank isn't cleaned, and the dirt from the gas tank can enter the lubrication system, obstruct the oil passing, and wear the seal to create oil leakage. 

Thirdly, there's too much oil in the oil change, particularly in the parts with rotating elements, as a result of stirring action of the rotating parts, the oil spill occurrence is more likely to occur.

2. The selection and adjustment of the lubrication system parts aren't appropriate and lead to oil leakage.

By way of instance, when CNC Machining Parts Service maintenance and processing employees use oil pumps with excessive pressure or excessive oil output, or if correcting system pressure, the stress adjustment of valve, safety valve, pressure reducing valve, etc. is too large, and the flow speed of the CNC machine tool lubrication machine If it is too large and does not match the oil return system along with the sealing system, it will cause oil leakage.

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