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Cnc Processing Considerations

Jan. 06, 2019

If we experience oil leakage during operation, we must check it and find out the cause in time to avoid unnecessary losses. 

After the buying center returns, do a comprehensive review to see if there are any projecting flaws or parts damage. 

Should you have to contact the manufacturer in time. 

As a Cnc Machining Company, the following points should also be mentioned when the operator utilizes the CNC machining center to machine the workpiece: 

1. For the first trial cutting process of CNC Processing, the single-stage performance mode should be used for calculating. 

2. When the automatic operation of the CNC milling machine starts, the rapid override and feedrate override S are at the lowest gear position, and then the efficiency is increased after cutting into the workpiece.

3. In the performance of the  Cnc Milling Service processing, you need to look closely at the coordinate display of the CNC program.

4. Do not touch the CNC milling tool and chip by hand. The processor must be cleaned with a brush.