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Precautions When Using The Trimming Function

Mar. 03, 2019

Here is China CNC Machining Service talking about Trimming Function. 

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In the electric spark, the wire cutting has increased the tool repair function than the electric wire fast wire cutting. The knife repairing is also a multi-knife cutting, which is commonly used for cutting. The first few tools are used for repairing the finish. Therefore, the use of EDM wire cutting machine can achieve a higher finish.

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Since the wire used in the electric wire cutting machine is repeatedly discharged. When using the trimming function, as the cutting area increases, the wire drawing and wire loss will become thinner and finer, which will eventually affect the accuracy of the work and the subsequent discharge cutting effect.

In order to achieve high precision, the actual diameter of the molybdenum wire needs to be measured before starting the cutting. After the new molybdenum wire is cut after the guide wire is cut, it is recommended to tighten the molybdenum wire. If the molybdenum wire has been used repeatedly for a long period of time, it is necessary to measure the diameter and roundness of the molybdenum wire. When the difference is too large, a new electrode wire must be replaced.

Note the following points when using multiple cuts:

1. When the molybdenum wire is empty, check the molybdenum wire for shaking.

2. Whether there is a trace of cutting on the surface of the conductive block, and whether the molybdenum wire is trapped in the conductive block.

3. Whether the working fluid flow and color are normal.

4. Before processing, the process needs to be simulated. Determine if the cutting program generated by the system is true.

5, according to the characteristics of the material, the final cut of the remaining work as much as possible to reduce the impact of material deformation.

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