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Problems With Working Surface After Cutting

Mar. 04, 2019

Here is Aluminium CNC Machining manufacturer talking about Trimming Function. 

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Aluminium Cnc Machining

In the electric spark, the wire cutting has increased the tool repair function than the electric wire fast wire cutting. The knife repairing is also a multi-knife cutting, which is commonly used for cutting. The first few tools are used for repairing the finish. Therefore, the use of EDM wire cutting machine can achieve a higher finish.

Several problems with the working surface after cutting:

1. The surface of the wire marks may be caused by the jitter of the wire or the deformation of the material and the unreasonable setting of the offset.

2. The working surface has serious black spots at both ends and the problem of working fluid. It is recommended to try BM-4 water baseline cutting solution.

3. After cutting the workpiece, please wash it with oxalic acid in time, then rinse off the oxalic acid residue with water. Dry the water stains with a clean white cloth and finally apply anti-rust oil.

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