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Machine Tool Casting Repair Results

Mar. 05, 2019

Here is Metal Prototyping Service China talking about Machine Tool Casting Repair Results. 

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Through the repair results of several traditional welding repair processes in the defects of machine tool castings, a new technology and process for repairing on machine tool castings are determined.

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1. Arc welding: The cast iron welding rod Z248 is used to weld the castings of the machine tool and the cast iron platform. The welding repair process is divided into two types. The first one is preheated to 550°C-650°C before welding and 5-8 hours after welding. The second type: machine tool castings, the motor test platform is not preheated before welding, and is insulated for 3-4 hours after welding. Both methods are prone to cracks and hard spots, and it is not easy for the machine after welding. The electrode is cheap. The nickel-based cast iron welding rod Z308 welding rod is used to repair and repair the machine tool castings. The grinding platform, the welding layer, and the welding layer should be cooled to below 60 °C. The weld area has fewer pores and cracks, good mechanical processing, high bonding strength, and no shedding. The phenomenon, due to the influence of the machine tool castings, the oil absorption after the rail processing and the blowing force of the welding rod, it is easy to produce undercut and form “welding marks”. The color of the welding area is very different from that of the cast iron table itself, and the welding rod is expensive.

2. Spray welding: According to the spray welding process, the surface of the test platform is preheated to above 150 °C. After the initial welding powder is sprayed, the sprayed surface is heated to above 900 °C-1200 °C, so that the solder powder melts to form a flat surface. . Due to the long preheating and heating time, the machine tool castings have a large heating area and large thermal stress, which is more likely to cause cracks than arc welding, and the tendency of the line shrinkage to produce cracks is greater. Since the crack tends to be affected by factors such as spray welding time and thickness of the spray layer, the size of the defect is limited, and the defects of the weld repair need to be cleaned. Due to the high proportion of FE contained in the spray powder, the spray layer formed is more arc welding and machine tool. The color of the casting itself is more similar. However, due to a certain amount of NI, it is impossible to work with the machine tool castings and the floor boring machine table, and it can be machined after welding.

The traditional spray welding and arc welding processes are prone to cracks after welding, the castings of machine tools are susceptible to thermal deformation, and secondary air holes are prone to occur. The metal color of the welding and the machine tool castings and the difference between the scraping platforms are common features. The traditional welding repair process cannot completely solve the root cause of machine tool casting defect repair.

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