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How to improve the surface finish of CNC parts ?

Feb. 22, 2021

  Someone asked : ' What is the difference between surface smoothness and surface roughness in parts processing ?  ' 
  Actually surface smoothness is surface roughness, is the same concept ! 

  In general, the smaller the value of smoothness is, the less the friction between products can be reduced, the better the matching quality between products can be, and the longer the service life of products can be.

How to improve the surface finish of CNC parts ?cid=96

  So, how to improve the surface finish of parts ? 

  There are mainly the following points : 

  1.Selection of appropriate tools, work to be good in advance, want good quality, the premise is to have good tools ; 

  2.Develop appropriate processing technology, as far as possible a processing in place, reduce the tool mark ; 

  3.The choice of machine tools, processing high purity products as far as possible to choose new machine tools ; 

  4. Processing parameters, high speed, slow feed, etc.

How to improve the surface finish of CNC parts ?cid=96

  Zhuanxin Precision Manufacturer has 15 years of processing experience in parts processing. It is good at processing 1 – 500 small batch and multi-product precision parts. It is equipped with a smoothness tester, and the smoothness can be controlled in place. CNC machining finish can reach Ra0.6, lathe machining finish can reach Ra0.6, grinder machining finish can reach Ra0.2, if your product has requirements for surface finish, please contact us !


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