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How To Make The Five-axis Machined Car Light Parts Transparent And Transparent?

Jun. 17, 2019

Here is Cnc Machined Parts Service Supplier talking about How to make the five-axis machined car light parts transparent and transparent.

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Automotive lighting parts need to achieve high-light transparency. So when we process, we first choose the right material, such as acrylic. Acrylic has higher transparency than glass, strong material toughness, and strong impact resistance, so choose materials. Acrylic is more suitable. When machining, we must first use a better tool for machining, because the quality of the tool can also be related to the effect of the product. When the program is programming, the feed and the amount of the knife should be given to the most suitable parameters for processing. Because the acrylic material is easy to crack when it is brittle, the machining parameters of the machine must be reasonable to prevent the material from cracking during processing.

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When processing the fine knives, we have to choose a high-gloss knife to process and then match the rotating shaft of the five-axis machine to the position that is most suitable for machining to perform the finishing of each surface. Because the car lights require high transparency, they are linked in five axes. Machine tool machining can produce better results because the five-axis linkage machine can make the tool to the best cutting state and can also transfer the workpiece to the best cutting environment and the five-axis linkage processing can be completed only by one clamping. Partial processing, which also ensures that the surface finish of each surface of the workpiece is basically agreed without much error. In the light knife, we can choose to flush the oil to process because the oil has the effect of lubrication. Therefore, the oil can also make the product's high-light effect better. After processing, it can be processed by hand to perform mirror polishing to make the transparency of the product the best.