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Precision parts processing company, cost-effective, delivery on time

Sep. 04, 2018

Yesterday, a purchaser Mr. Huang found ZhuanXin Precision through our official website. A new energy product recently developed by their company urgently needed a spare parts processing accessory. After leaving contact with the customer service, Mr. Huang sent the 3D drawing to our engineers, and our engineers immediately submitted the quotation and gave the price list ,delivery time and production process to him just in 1H.

Mr. Huang told us that his previous suppliers did not meet the tolerance requirements of the drawings. And the tolerances were opened, and the original +/-0.01mm was relaxed to +/-0.05mm, which led to interference in the assembly and the product could not be used normally. ZhuanXin Precision is good at combining various processing techniques, and the precision is even higher than +/-0.01mm. After deep understanding with our engineers, Mr. Huang thinks that it should be the wrong process of his previous supplier, such as sometimes difficult to achieve CNC machining. Precision can be achieved with another process - slow wire processing.

Our engineers provided Mr. Huang with professional analysis and suggestions and gave us the decision sheet. He hopes to receive the product after 5 days. We arranged the production in the first time. For 16 high-speed CNC machines, it was more than enough to suddenly add an urgent order, and now the processing technology has changed, and it has saved time. We have already processed the products on the third day. .

Since this product is tested with other parts, we asked Mr. Huang to send the parts that need to be tested and assembled to ZhuanXin Precision in advance. Our engineers tested the assembly of the whole set of products and determined that after passing the test, Sino Mahcining was on the third night. The product was sent out, and Mr. Huang received the product one day in advance. Mr. Huang was very satisfied after receiving the product.

Precision parts processing company, cost-effective, delivery on time

If you also have precision parts processing projects, you can try choose ZhuanXin Precision , cost-effective, delivery on time, flexible processing, can save you processing costs, shorten delivery, and free trial installation costs, so that you can receive products directly Use, worry for you, let you rest assured!

Editor: Jamie L

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