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What Is The Reason For CNC Machining Aluminum Alloy Blackening?

Nov. 11, 2019

Yesterday, I saw a question from a netizen on the knowledge: Why did the aluminum alloy processed by CNC Machining become black?

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Under the suggestion of us, this netizen has solved the problem of blackening of aluminum alloy. If you still have doubts, follow the small series to see how the CNC Machining China Supplier -ZhuanXin Precision is avoided?

According to the experience of CNC machining aluminum alloy for many years, during the CNC machining process, the blackening of the aluminum alloy may be due to the problem of the cutting fluid used in the CNC machining or the processing of the aluminum material is a hard aluminum material, such as 7075 or 2024 alloy materials which the surface is easily oxidized. If the customer has products of 7075 or 2024 materials, ZhuanXin Precision will communicate with the customer beforehand. If the product does not have rigid requirements for the materials, ZhuanXin Precision will recommend the customer to use aluminum alloy 6061, because it is easy to process, and the product will not turn black; The customer has requirements for the material and cannot be replaced. Therefore, ZhuanXin Precision will advise the customer to do some corresponding surface treatment to prevent oxidation of the product, such as oxidation, passivation, spraying, etc., which can well protect the product from oxidation and blackening.

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