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Unity And Progress Of Cnc Processing Manufacturers

Nov. 21, 2019

The first round of PK racing for CNC Machining manufacturers began.

Today, after nearly two weeks of military culture practice, the CNC processing factory-ZhuanXin Precision ushered in the first game of the team competition. Look, uniform dress, neat queues, standard movements, one by one!

Unity And Progress Of Cnc Processing Manufacturers

The CNC processing factory-ZhuanXin Precision personnel participated in this competition. All the employees were divided into three queues for PK. The contents of the competition were: the queue was neat and fast, the appearance of the instrument was well dressed, the slogan and applause were neat and tidy, and the collective chorus "the sun is always behind the storm". The winning team will sing at night, which team will be?

Under the fair and reasonable judgment of General Yang and the managers, the second team's small partners won the first place, and they can gather dinner tonight! In this game, CNC processing factory-ZhuanXin Precision fully reflects the spirit of teamwork, the team works closely together, help each other, and unite, although the other two teams have not received honorary rewards for the time being, but the efforts made in the middle are obvious to all. The game is one after another, I believe that victory belongs to those who insist and work hard!

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