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For-machining-mechanical -parts-how-are-they-charged?

Jun. 15, 2021

  Quotation = material cost + processing cost + labour cost + surface treatment cost + freight + tax. Most manufacturers go by this to calculate their quoted costs, so why is there still a disparity in price?

  In fact, the market is full of cases where the cost of the quoted price is high due to unreasonable machining processes.

For machining mechanical parts, how are they charged?cid=96

  In the machining industry, there are many different machining processes, such as CNC machining, turning, milling, EDM, wire-cutting, grinding, etc. The different processes naturally result in different costs. For example, a certain product has a feature, CNC can be processed, but to repeatedly calibrate the table in the division, but also to install fixtures, processing up very troublesome, time may take half a day, but if the EDM to process this feature, it may be half an hour to get it done. Then, the two processes between the processing costs and time costs and labor costs are a big difference, so this is the same parts of different suppliers, the prices quoted are not the same.

For machining mechanical parts, how are they charged?cid=96For machining mechanical parts, how are they charged?cid=96

  Dongguan Zhuanxin Precision Hardware Co.LTD has 16 years of experience in machining mechanical parts, and has long had a mature quotation system within itself, with 21 types of machining processes, and is able to develop economical and reasonable machining processes for products. Our quotations are analysed and accounted for by engineers with over 8 years of experience, no blind quotations, no arbitrary price increases!

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